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Centacare Adoption Services (formerly the Catholic Adoption Agency), 1967-present (the following information is extracted from a file at this link)

Centacare Adoption Services was established in 1990, replacing the Catholic Adoption Agency which had been established in 1967. The Catholic Adoption Agency had been established under the auspices of the Society of St Vincent de Paul.

Adoption files, 1967- present

Access: Access to information contained on the adoption files is restricted according to the provisions of the Adoption Information Act 1990.

Contact: Applications for access to information should be directed to the Adoption Worker, Centacare Adoption Services, 9 Alexandra Avenue, Croydon NSW 2132. The telephone number is (02) 9744 7055.

Location: Centacare Adoption Services, 9 Alexandra Avenue, Croydon NSW 2132.

Description: These files contain all information relating to the adoption of each child, from the birth to post adoption contacts. Biographical information about the birth parents is attached, along with counselling records and interview notes. Details of the adoptive parents are given, along with their application to adopt, and assessment of their application. In some cases, post adoption contact information, such as correspondence, is attached.

Registers (either originals or copies) from the following homes are held by

Centacare: St Anne's, Liverpool, 1888 -1987 (run by the Sisters of Charity);

Roman Catholic Orphan School, 1877- 84 (jointly run by the NSW Colonial Government and the Good Samaritans); Mater Dei Orphanage, Narellan, 1910 - 57 (Good Samaritans); 

St JosephÕs, Kenmore, 1905 - 32; 1960 - 70

(Sisters of Mercy); St Joseph's, Goulburn, 1948 - 62 (Sisters of Mercy); 

St John's, Goulburn, 1945 - 66 (Sisters of Mercy); 

St BrigidÕs, Ryde, 1898 -1965 (Convent of Mercy); 

St Magdalen's Retreat, Tempe, 1887 - 1947 (Good Samaritans); 

Good Samaritan Training Centre, Arncliffe, 1947 - 86 (Good Samaritans); 

Holy Family Children's Home, Marayong, 1956 - 86 (Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth); 

St Catherine's, Brooklyn, 1961 - 90 (Sisters of Mercy); 

and St Anthony's Home for Unmarried Mothers, Croydon, (Sisters of St Joseph)