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This website is affiliated with Origins, the only incorporated organization in Australia supporting Australians Separated by Forced Adoption (ASFA).  

The following are links detailing the latest news in the fight of Origins committee and members to gain justice for ASFA:

27th October 2010 - Notice of a Motion to be put to the Senate on 15th November 2010 for a Community Affairs References Committee for inquiry and report by 30 April 2011 'the role, if any, of the Commonwealth Government, its policies and practices in contributing to forced adoptions' (p. 63 of linked document)

27th October 2010 - Senate says "No" to motion that Federal Government apologize to unwed mothers

27th October - ACT motion to apologize to unwed mothers and inquiry into past adoption practices

27th October 2010 - Greens motion calling for an apology to unwed mothers and a national inquiry passed in the legislative assembly

20th October - Greens to call for an apology by the Victorian State Government to unwed mothers

19th October 2010 - Choice excerpts from political speeches in favour of a national inquiry

19th October 2010 - Western Australian State Apology

3rd August 2010 - Open Letter to the Australian Government

Apology Alliance

How the NSW Parliamentary inquiry into past adoption practices (1950-1998)  got going